• Family History

    Death Surrounds Her: Part Two

    Death Surrounds Her: Part Two

    Part Two Over the years researching family histories, their genealogies, I’ve noticed that many families, not all, have patterns to them. For instance, my mother’s side of the family settles in an area with every intention of staying there. And stay there they do. A good portion of her family has lived in Missouri since 1820. Heck, they aren’t even willing to leave the county they initially settled when they first came to the state. On the other hand, my father’s side of the family are nomads. They don’t stay in any one location for longer than one or two…

  • My Hip Hurts

    My Hip Hurts

    My hip hurts. The dull ache and occasional sharp pangs have been part of my life for a while now, but it has gotten worse. Pain is my normal. It’s the degree of pain that changed. Now I avoid activities…

  • Murder & Mayhem
    Family History

    Murder & Mayhem

    “My, my, my…” Hearing those words makes me chuckle every time as I watch Investigation Discovery’s Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda. It’s Kenda who says those words in a deadpan manner as he discusses as case he handled years before as a…

  • Surviving Summer

    Surviving Summer

    After a busy and full school year, many parents approach the summer with optimism. They look forward to spending time with their children and taking a break from getting up early every morning. (It isn’t just the kids who hate…

  • She the People

    She the People

      I had one job to do. Find something to do in Chicago for one night. Ideas flowed through my head of what to do and where to go. I kept coming back to one simple thought — Second City. Opening…